Samsung Galaxy S6 To Come With Glass Back Panel And Half Metal Frame


Samsung is gearing up for the launch of next flagship device, Galaxy S6. It is expected that Samsung is going to launch it at MWC next month with all new features and with some change rather than old predecessors.

galaxy s6 render
iTeck Concept Galaxy S5 Concept


In a leak earlier today, Korean Daily, DDaily reported that the Galaxy S6 will eschew the recent metal marriage and instead get glued on glass. But later it got clarified that Galaxy S6 will won’t consist full metal unibody handsets but will incorporate little metal design with Glass on back panel.

There’s no clear reason behind this strategy from the Smasung on Why company is going to use Glass on the back rather than full metal? But Samsung clarified that they want to differentiate the Galaxy S line from the Galaxy A line which already have 3 Aluminium devices.

For now, nothing has been confirmed so take take it as a pinch of salt. We have to wait for Mobile World Congress ’15 in Barcelona, Spain, which happen between March 2-5. So How many of you are waiting for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S6 ?



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