galaxy edge 6+

It was not so long before that we covered Galaxy Note 7 burn cases. Well this seems exception for Galaxy S6 Edge+ as it catches fire. It might be due to wrong charger or any other incident.

As per the Redditor, his Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ catches fire on his wooden table. Fortunately, the user did not suffer any injuries or any further damage apart from the phone itself and the wooden table it was kept on.

As per the user,¬†ReturnThroughAether, his Galaxy S6 Edge+ was sitting idle whole night and even it didn’t have any heating problem before. Well, he’s been using the original Samsung Charger. Also, he has conveyed this issue to the Samsung and it’s carrier partner.

From the images we can see that battery has damaged the whole phone. Display is fully damaged and at the back side the cover also seems to be fully damaged. Wooden table has also been managed.


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