Normally, Samsung provides two major Android updates to their flagship smartphones. Thus, after two years you cannot hope for the new Android version to hit your device. But, this two year period might be changed to three years with the Oreo update for the Galaxy S6. Yes, you heard it right. According to some Samsung India Customer care representatives, the company is working on the Galaxy S6 Oreo update for their 2015 flagship.

Galaxy S6 Oreo Update

This information was provided by the Customer Care representatives when they were questioned by a user named CyberConCoder on Reddit. But, this cannot be considered 100% true as the Customer Care people were wrong many times in the past. As of now, we can take it as a pinch of salt until Samsung officially announces the update.

If this is true, then Galaxy S6 would be the first Samsung device to officially receive third major Android update. This is really a good news, because even the mid range Galaxy A series get two major Android update. But, only time will tell about what Samsung has in their mind about their update strategy.

But, in case you can’t wait and want to experience Oreo right now on your Galaxy S6, check out our How to update Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge to Android Oreo.


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