Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ dual sim variants get listed on FCC and MIIT


Samsung is currently working on several devices which includes the upcoming foldable screen smartphones  sometimes even referred as Galaxy X. But, before that Samsung will be launching their next flagship which is none other than Galaxy S9 duo, the successor to this year’s Galaxy S8 duo. Recently, the dual sim variants of Galaxy S9 / S9+ get listed on FCC as well as on Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT).

galaxy s9 dual sim listing

According to the listing, the phone with model number SM-G9608 is a dual sim variant of Galaxy S9 for Taiwan. Whereas the ones with model numbers  SM-G9600 and SM-G9650 are the dual sim variants of Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ for China respectively. As of  now, these three variants are currently being tested in China.

Rumours say that the Galaxy S9 duo will come with dual VoLTE support. Which means both the sims slots can support 4G at the same time instead of 2G / 3G in the secondary slot. This will be possible due to the newly announced Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 which will be powering these devices. However, it is not sure whether the Exynos version will have such feature.

Samsung’s been launching dual sim variants of their flagships in many developing countries since many years. This year, they even brought the dual sim variants to Europe but still it didn’t reach USA yet. Only time will tell whether they will be launching dual sim variants of Galaxy S9 / S9+ in USA.


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