Samsung Galaxy S9 is rumored to have an enhanced Iris scanner. The new enhanced feature is to counter Apple iPhone X’s feature. The iris scanner have been the most cornerstone feature of the iPhone X.

According to ET report, Samsung has been working on enhancing the Face recognition feature. And this new face recognition is going to be faster than it’s predecessor. Well, we have even learnt that Samsung is not going to upgrade any new feature in S9.

The new software upgrade will reduce the delay in recognising the face as well as the iris scanner. Apart from that, Samsung Galaxy S9 will have an 8 Megapixel front camera like the one in Galaxy S8. Also, we have got to that S9 is coming with three different variants at MWC 2018.

The new Samsung Galaxy S9 is also going to have the same Truedepth system to enable next level facial recognition. The same feature is in the Apple iPhone X. The facial recognition feature was bought in by Google and later Samsung developed it further. Samsung introduced the face recognition feature in Galaxy Note 7.

According to some ongoing rumors, Samsung Galaxy S9 will have a motherboard of small shape. So, this will give a room for bigger battery. Well, overall the features of the Galaxy S8 are said to be the same in S9,except the enhanced iris scanner and face recognition.

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