galaxy s9

Samsung is working hard to bring the benefits of being on Samsung. They are inventing something new every time to cater best to their customers. Similarly, Samsung has invented a new ISOCELL sensor which allows you to record a 1080p video at 480 frames per second.

galaxy s9

Well, this is not the fastest but it is a great significant improvement from 240fps @ 720p to 480 fps. The fastest comes from Sony IMX400 sensor, which packs 3 layers on the camera sensor. There’s a new layer of memory which stores the data rather than storing it on the phone memory while clicking. It’s can record at 960 fps and is double the amount that Samsung has just achieved.

Well, Samsung has used Tetracell technology – small 0.9µm pixels are binned to improve sensitivity in low light. We expect this sensor to be present in the Samsung galaxy S9.

There are many reports that Samsung is emphasising on the Galaxy S9 camera. In order to make the camera more better, there’s nothing better than the home produced ISOCELL sensor which can record at the 480 frames per second and that too at 1080p.

Additionally, Samsung Galaxy S9 has already been leaked in rumors. As per them, it is going to carry Super Slow-Mo camera and Super Speed Dual Pixel. We are waiting for the device as it is coming very soon.


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