A few days back Samsung has revealed its all-new Galaxy S9 and S9+ handsets at MWC 2018. We all know that these devices pack some exceptional features out of which some like variable Aperture is available on a smartphone for the first time. Even before launch the devices has gathered a lot of hype due to the leaks and now an up to date information discloses that how much fans are actually in love with these devices, so let’s dig a little deep into it.

In case you people don’t know Samsung has opened a number of promotion centers all over the world and they are calling them as Galaxy Studios, one can experience the extraordinary features of the device there. Several Galaxy Studios has been set up in Samsung’s home country South Korea and as per brand these studios has attracted over 1.5 million of visitors which is obviously not a piece of cake for a brand like Samsung, it is the result of promotions created by Samsung on different platforms.

A number of network carriers and Samsung has already started the pre-order service though no comment has been made yet about the pre-order figures by the brand. Samsung is assuming that the sales of the smartphone will go well and may even outshine the sales of Galaxy S8 and S7 devices. The launch of the Galaxy S9-series devices for India has been scheduled on 6th of March, the sales in India may get affected if the devices will be priced above than expected mark.


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