The Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ that went official days ago, perhaps boarded best in class Hardware and Software elements. Samsung has leaved no stones unturned to boast of the Galaxy S9/S9+’s capability during the unveil event at MWC 2018, Barcelona. One thing that was widely highlighted apart from the reimagined camera, had b een the “My Emoji’s” feature. To much excitement, My Emoji Maker – the app that drive this feature is now available for download.

In case if you’ve missed all the surprises at the Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ launch event. The My Emoji Maker is the feature that Samsung debuted with the 2018 S duo. It can create an animated gif of your face featuring the facial expressions and even the voice. Once created, you will also have the options to share your own face’s emoji to friends and families via popular messaging apps such as Whatsapp and Telegram.

Since the APK of the My Emoji Maker is up, developers can port the app to rest of the capable Samsung’s devices. The APK, however will be compatible with only ARM64 Samsung devices. We’ve tried to install the app without any modification in Snapdragon 660 powered C9 Pro and A8+ of Exynos 7785 SoC. Unfortunately, the app failed to get installed on both of the devices running Nougat 7.1.1. They are among those devices on which Galaxy Note 8 exclusive Live Drawing apk works flawlessly.

But, there is a likely chance for the My Emoji Maker to be comptible with Galaxy S8/S8+ on latest Samsung Experience 9.0. Moreover, since Samsung used to unify the firmware of its flagships, we expect the S9/S9+ to have the similar firmware build to that of just recently rolled out Oreo firmware for Galaxy S8/S8+. Thereby increasing the chance for the My Emoji apk to get easily installed on the S8/S8+ without the need of playing around the system settings.


Well, you can try for the luck in your Sammy devices build on ARM64 bit architecture. You might need the My Emoji Maker apk and other two supplementary APK for complete functioning of the feature. Download links of all the three APK’s are provided below.

Samsung My Emoji Maker 1.1.86                (Sourced From S9): Download

Default frame sticker 1.0.06                          Requires Android 7.0 or up: Download

Default 3D live sticker 2.0.29                          Requires Android 7.0 or up: Download



  1. All APK has been installed successfully (using ZipSigner).
    Icons for new Emoji can be seen in the camera stickers view but camera hangs when I try to use it.
    I’m on Galaxis S8 with Android 8.0.0 and Samsung Experience 9.0. I tried with the same versions in the post and also the latest but no luck.

    Someone managed to make it working on S8 ?


    • Yes, seems the My Emoji shortcut will be created only in Galaxy S9 camera app. I’m trying to port the Galaxy S9 camera app to other Sammy devices. Will let you know once I succeed.

      Also, since S9 camera uses different HAL’s(Hardware Abstraction Layer) compared to the S8, the my emoji maker crashes on S8 running S9 port. Hence, it will be a tough nut to crack though.

    • You need to sign the packages using ZipSigner or Apkeditor.

      Zip Signer:

      • I have a note 8 and I don’t know what you mean by “sign the packages” I guess it better that I don’t mess around trying to install this apk file then huh?


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