Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 plus Renders

If the recurring leaks, rumors and exposures of the upcoming Samsung S-series flaships are taken as reference. Samsung has focused on improving under the hood components and software department rather than pushing the design boundaries even further. That said, a newly budded rumor suggests a possibility of Samsung incorporating 3D Emoji’s on the Galaxy S9/S9+ to further enhance the software experience.

Galaxy S9 Invitation

Apparently, it seems the South Korean firm is leaving no stones unturned so as to enhance the user experience on its heavily customized skin. For that to achieve Samsung might be even ready to pull one of its born-rival, Apple’s – Animoji inspired emoticons. Well, there won’t be a need for giving an intro of the Animoji as Apple has given more than enough publicity and attention for it during the iPhone X launch.

Despite, for those who’re still unknown of the things happening on iOS world. The Animoji’s are basically 3D character emoji’s that are created based on user’s facial expression. The feature is powered by Apple’s powerful A11 bionic chipset for rendering a perfect emoji aping the user’s expression. And, the so-called 3D Emoji by Samsung should be the same feature but could be more advanced and prevailing than the Animoji’s.

In fact, this is not the first time Samsung “kanging” an iOS feature. Remember the popular Live Drawing feature that debuted on Galaxy Note 8 last year. It’s, perhaps inspired from the Live Messages feature that was present on Apple’s proprietary iMessage a long before. Only the difference is Samsung made the feature universal and more useful in daily messaging.

Samsung Live Drawing

However, as every rumors take this also with considerable pinch of salt. Whether the 3D Emoji is a part or not of the Galaxy S9/S9+ will be revealed on 25th February, when the devices get unleashed.


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