The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 inch Android Tablet may benefit from a long entrenched Apple Computing unwritten law to never reveal sales numbers unless absolutely necessary. Samsung’s latest tablet has been banned for sale in Germany until claims by Apple that Samsung infringed on their copyrights can be proved or disproved. A September 9 date for the final ruling by the Judge in Germany is set. Recently, Apple sued Samsung in Australia as well with the same claims that the design and physical appearance of the Apple iPad 2 Tablet were copied by Samsung for their thin, lightweight 10.1 Tablet.
Don Reisinger of reported that Apple is now being ordered by Australia’s federal court Judge Annabelle Bennett to show proof that the similarities in design have hurt the sales of the Apple iPad 2, which is what Apple claims. She also released a statement claiming that Apple is not presenting enough compelling evidence to allow for an injunction in Australia. Samsung has voluntarily removed the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Tablet PC from the marketplace as a sign of good faith, and it appears this goodwill gesture has paid off favorably. The Judge is requesting sales data to back up Apple’s claims.
Not only filing for injunctions and downright banning of the sale of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Germany and Australia alone, Apple has sought injunctions against their number one Tablet PC competitor in several countries and nations. Samsung has been very forthcoming with sales figures, documentation and even physical Galaxy Tab 10.1 Tablets which they gave Apple for them to inspect. Samsung even agreed to sell whichever tablet Apple accepted out of the three offered. Apple has made no decision as of yet.
Samsung has claimed that their research shows that Apple’s sales have not been hurt in the least since the arrival of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, and that caused Judge Bennett to request provable sales losses by Apple. Stopping short of forcing Apple to give up this sensitive information, Judge Bennett simply stated that if Apple wants their injunction investigation to move forward, they would have to make the information available to her.
Apple has over the years been very stingy with allowing any type of numbers to be attached to the sales or speculation of sales of their popular iDevices. After their recent third-quarter declaration that they sold 9.2 5 million iPads in that time period, it may be hard for Apple to prove that the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is actually hurting sales.


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