TmoNews has just released images of the next generation Samsung Galaxy Tab headed for T-mobile. Though the pictures reveal little of the software on the device, they clearly show a profile of the device’s hardware.

The successor to the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7″ has just been spotted in the wild. It will run on T-Mobile’s 4g network, with Android 3.2 and a version of Samsung’s Touchwiz interface that was described the source as “phenomenal” and “simple and fun.” Whether or not this device is in line with the Galaxy Tab 7.7 that was recently shown in Berlin is unknown at this point.
This may also be the same Samsung tablet that had been rumored to replace the sold out Galaxy Tab on T-Mobile. That device was found to have a Super-AMOLED/Plus screen 1024×600 and a Cortex-A9 processor. Pricing and availability of the tablet are unknown and we have yet to hear an official release from Samsung themselves.
Screen-Shot-2011-09-20-at-6.33.33-PMwtmk Screen-Shot-2011-09-20-at-6.33.39-PMwtmk Screen-Shot-2011-09-20-at-6.38.13-PM Screen-Shot-2011-09-20-at-6.38.24-PM
[via TmoNews] )


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