samsung gallery app

In a spree to make most of the apps available as standalone, Smasung has added one more of its core app to the Play Store. Users, who are currently using it, can install it from the Play Store in order to get timely updates. The new app is live on the Play Store and currently it is not compatible with any of the Samsung’s Android device.

samsung gallery app

Samsung is loading off its custom User Interface with bulky material like different app modules. They have already separated many apps from its bulky TouchWiz UI. Now, in order to make it much simple and bloatware free, Samsung is speeding up the responsiveness by just its Android ROM lighter.

Samsung Gallery App, allows you to collect all the videos and images that are present in your Android device. Further, it brings an ability to edit, share and organise your images in different folders and tags.

Recently, Samsung added Play Music as its official player with some customisations on Android devices.

Right now, it already has 481 reviews amid of the incompatibility with the most of the Samsung devices. Well, it is a good step from Samsung as it is disassembling the custom version of its own ROM.

What do you think? Is it a good step by Samsung or not?


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