Did you pick up a shiny new Samsung Galaxy S II when AT&T started selling them this weekend? Then you might want to head on over to Samsung’s Media Hub page. New users can beta test the service to get $25 worth of free content, courtesy of Samsung.

Media Hub is Samsung’s all-in-one entertainment distribution system (think iTunes or Amazon Instant Video) and it’s preloaded onto Galaxy S II phones and newer models of the Galaxy Tab. One of the more compelling use cases is that you can purchase videos once, then watch them on your phone, tablet or television – provided, of course, that you have one of Samsung’s 2011 model Smart TVs. While the service doesn’t have a great selection of video at the moment, you can’t beat free when it comes to pricing.
To try out Media Hub, just head click on the link above and enter your customer information. Samsung will send you a confirmation email and then walk you through the steps of redeeming your $25 voucher. When the beta program ends, you’ll be asked to fill out a questionnaire about your experiences. As of now the program is only being offered to AT&T Galaxy S II owners, but expect the qualifications to expand at some point.


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