Samsung is Giving Galaxy J Series Phones to Galaxy Note 7 Owners until They Get New Safe one


Samsung launched its phablet last month and Samsung actually doing very well in terms of sales until some units across the world exploded due to faulty batteries. The company immediately halted the sales of the Galaxy Note 7 and recall all the units back.

exploding note 7 batteries

Samsung has launched the Exchange Program in which Galaxy Note 7 owners have two options. One is to exchange their Samsung Galaxy Note 7 for a Samsung Galaxy J series “loaner” model until the new and revised Galaxy Note 7 is ready. The second option is to trade in the Galaxy Note 7 for a Samsung Galaxy S7 or Samsung Galaxy S7 edge, with a refund for the Galaxy Note 7 accessories returned. A refund will also be issued for the price differential between the models.

Moreover, Samsung has also Giving $25 for the inconvenience as a gift card, in-store credit or bill credit from select carrier retail outlets. Samsung also explains  the reason for all those exploding Note 7 batteries.

This occurs due to the overheating of the batteries caused by the contact between anode and cathode, the oppositely charged electrodes of the battery. There have been 35 explosions in USA, South Korea and Taiwan combined.

However, to exchange the phone and get $25 gift card go through the Source Below.


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