We’ve got a massive amount of news and rumors surrounding the upcoming Google hero phone made by Samsung, the following bit of content falling in the first category. What we’ve got here is a Bluetooth certification for device GT-I9250, one thus far tied only to the name Nexus Prime. Samsung has quite the firestorm started here around what we’re expecting will be the hero device for Android Ice Cream Sandwich, each news bit adding to what must soon be a legendary device indeed.

We’ve got news that this device has already been hanging out at Verizon, that a Samsung roadmap has already leaked the launch date for the device as well as Ice Cream Sandwich – two more confirmations coming about a week later. It’s not difficult to see why this device would garner such massive interest as each Google hero device (the Nexus S being the last) have been not only massively popular devices, they’ve turned out to be rather well made and long-lasting devices as well.
To see everything we’ve got on the matter, check out the Nexus Prime portal and get severely educated. It’s not every day we have a phone gain such attention before its release unless it’s got a stacked set of specs, and given that this device has no real solid specs released at all at this moment, we’ve gotta keep our eyes open. Will you be amongst those running to the stores on release day?
[via Bluetooth]


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