We all know the Samsung Hercules is one of the few amazing devices that will surely be T-Mobiles new flagship offering. Between it and the HTC Ruby that was recently leaked it appears T-Mobile is planning to make a very strong push in Android this fall. Now we have a new document that might have just revealed both of these top tier phones release dates.

While we still don’t know full details on both devices the HTC Ruby is rumored to have the fastest dual-core we’ve seen yet clocking in at 1.5 Ghz and should be a very impressive phone. The Samsung Hercules is also powered by a extremely fast dual-core CPU but will be rocking a 4.5″ display according to latest rumors.
Both of these devices are highly anticipated phones coming from T-Mobile and according to a leaked document (pictured above) it appears they will be hitting the streets, but sadly a little later than most of us hoped. It appears as if T-Mobile plans to launch both devices together starting October 26th, sounds like T-Mobile will have a busy few days on their hands. While this may be a little later than many of you were hoping for at least we have a date we can mark in our calendars. Start saving your pennies as you have a few more months guys.
[via TmoNews]


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