I think I figured out what Samsung is doing, they’ve gathered everything they have been working on for the past year and decided to release most of it all in a 3 day period — then say GO! New documents show that another Samsung device has hit the FCC today revealing a Galaxy S II type device rocking AT&T 4G LTE radios. This is fresh off of Tuesday’s event where AT&T announced their own Galaxy S II already (without 4G LTE).

I wasn’t sure at first but after looking closer it has the same SGH-i727 model number as Rogers’ Galaxy S II LTE, so that is where the SGSII speculation comes from, but we wont know for sure until we get more details. What we do know is the documents revealed that it will indeed have AT&T 4G LTE on board. This may be one of the first few phones launched on AT&T with LTE.
This would give the HTC Holiday a little competition and is appearing at the FCC right at the perfect time since AT&T just made the HTC Jetstream 4G LTE Tablet official. This FCC filing could also be the Samsung Impulse we saw last week. Hopefully Samsung will release some details shortly so all you AT&T users can start to debate with yourself what you should buy next.
[via FCC]


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