Samsung Internet Beta v6.4 brings download improvements


Samsung Internet is the company’s internet browser which comes pre installed on their smartphones. But, it can be also installed on any smartphone running Android 5.0 or higher. The last new feature introduced for Samsung Internet was ‘Smart Go Next’, however it will be enabled once Chromium v64 stable releases. But, before that happens, the company brings beta version 6.4 with download improvements.

The new beta version of Samsung Internet will prompt you to rename the file if you want while clicking on download in any  website. And after the file gets downloaded, the app will again prompt you to open that file if you wish to. Also, if you are downloading a large file, then the progress will be displayed in notification as usual. But, what’s new is the ability to pause and resume the download from notification itself. To do so, you will have to swipe down the notification with two fingers or tap on the down arrow.

Samsung has also added new Download History UI which can be accessed by tapping on the download notification. To open this new page manually, then go to Bookmarks > History > Download history . This page will display all your previous and current downloads. The downloads can be paused / resumed from here too and you can also delete the download history as well.

If you are interested in trying this new beta of Samsung Internet, then get it from Play Store now.


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