In a bid to improve the images quality on the smartphones, Samsung has introduced new Samsung ISOCELL Plus Tech. It is particularly created for the CMOS sensors. The new Technology will bring in more enhanced color and sharpness to the photos. It will be made available in the upcoming Samsung smartphones.

samsung isocell plus tech

Well, to be true, the ISOCELL Plus technology is not just limited to Samsung, it will be used by many other OEMs. It will allow CMOS image sensors to capture more light, significantly increasing light sensitivity and color fidelity. Overall, this new tech will make picture much more accurate and clearer to its original colors.

How Smasung ISOCELL Plus tech works ?

As like of the ISOCELL Technology, which was introduced by Samsung in 2013, it is a improved version of the same. Samsung ISOCELL Plus Tech pushes pixel isolation technology to a new level through an optimized pixel architecture. Samsung ISOCELL Plus replaced the metal barrier (used in old techniques) with an innovative new material developed by Fujifilm, minimizing optical loss and light reflection.

So, it is a tremendous job from Samsung in improving the picture quality from CMOS sensors. We need similar kind of innovations to improve the overall quality of mobile cameras.

This new technology can be seen working at MWC, Shanghai.


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