Samsung is testing the floating keyboard mode in the leaked Android 9.0 Pie beta for its Galaxy s9, Galaxy S9+ and Note 9. According to the latest Beta build for Galaxy S9 and Note 9 Samsung adds floating keyboard mode feature in its Samsung Keyboard. It is very similar to Google’s Gboard.

samsung floating keyboard

Earlier Samsung rolls out floating keyboard option with Galaxy S5. But later on it was rolled back with updates. Samsung Galaxy S5 is not having the large displays like present series of phones are having i.e around 6.4 inches of display. So, floating keyboard is more useful now days as it is more useful for one hand use of your phone.

Although its still in beta, we don’t know surely that floating keyboard will feature in the Android Pie Update. We have to wait for some time to confirm. Moreover, there are some leaks and rumours which suggests that the upcoming flagship dvice of the company Galaxy S10+ will feature a display higher than 6.44 inches.


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