samsung max

Samsung has finally revived the Opera Max by launching it as Samsung Max. Last year, Opera discontinued the Opera Max but Samsung has reviewed it and has rebranded it as Samsung Max. The apps packs same features of VPN and help reduce data consumption.

samsung max

The Smasung Max is a new and free Android application designed to promote mobile data savings. It also helps to secure your privacy with enhanced monitoring and WiFi security settings. You can turn on the Premium feature to save the Data by compressing the images, videos, music files and web pages.

It also encrypt, block tracking scripts to make your connection with web servers much secure. There’s also an option of DNS masking making it to protect privacy. The app even allows you to block background data usage.

The apps is now live in the Play Store and you can download by heading to the source link below. The app seems to be visual makeover of the Opera Max. The features and specs are same as that of the Opera Max app.

How many of you have already tried the Opera Max and will use the Samsung Max ? make sure you to even try it out.


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