Samsung May Unveil its Galaxy Glasses in September


The leader in Smartphones and home appliances, Samsung, now don’t want to to get behind the Google in order to make SmartGlasses. In order to put direct put direct competition with Google Glasses. Samsung may launch its product in IFA trade show in Berlin this September.  

Galaxy glasses


The South Korean giant has already patented the spectacles in South Korea. Patent drawings shows us sporty glasses with buttons on both sides and inbuilt earphones. Similar to other Samsung’s wearable’s, the Galaxy Glass will connect to a smartphone and display alerts to perform a task, as well as controls, on a transparent or translucent lens before the user’s eyes. Most importantly  Samsung is collaborating with its display arm, Samsung Display, to produce the goggles’ specific lenses.


The Korea Times article goes on to say that:

The Galaxy Glass accessory would connect to a smartphone and let you handle calls and listen to music, duplicating the Gear’s companion functionality.

Researchers stated that smart wearable’s is the next level of the mobile technology and can replace smartphones. Tell us about your views on the Galaxy Glasses of Samsung through comments.