Last year, Samsung introduced its Always on Display technology with Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge. This helpful feature displays date and time along with notifications when they arrive without turning on your display. Since its release, this functionality was built into the devices, however, a recent update from Samsung moves it to the Google Play Store.

With moving Always on Display to the Play Store, Samsung gets the ability to update the app with features and fixes without requiring full software update to be pushed to entire line of devices.

Samsung moving Always on Display app to the Play Store does not mean that it will be available to download for everyone out there. It is only available for Galaxy S7/S7 Edge and Galaxy S8/S8+ users due to the fact that these are the only Samsung smartphones that support Always on Display.

If you own either Galaxy S7 or S8 line of devices, you should be able to see and download all future updates, in regard to Always on Display, in Play Store only. You can download the Samsung Always on Display app in the Play Store using the link below.



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