Samsung, during the eve of Galaxy Note 9 launch announced its exclusive partnership with the music giant – Spotify. By the collaboration, the Seoul based conglomerate aims to enable a seamless and immersive cross-device listening experience on Samsung devices. Now, Samsung has integrated the Spotify on its music player – the Samsung music

The latest Samsung Music brings substantial improvements and a couple of new features on the table. As said earlier, the highlight is the Spotify integration. In order to see playlists from Spotify, there is a dedicated Spotify Tab from where you can search music. For other improvements, you may see the full changelog below.

What’s new


  • New UX design: Simple & Immersive
  • UX redesign: Simple and Stylish
  • Tab design change
  • Sort option added
  • Setting item categorized
  • Crossfade feature added
  • The Samsung music shows recommendation of playlists from Spotify. You can find Spotify recommendation music by Spotify tab and search
    Spotify music you’ll love.
    (The Spotify tab is only available in countries where
    Spotify is on service.)

Speaking of the UX redesign, it seems Samsung has added Samsung Experience 10.0 touch to the Samsung Music. Now, tabs, thumbnails and listings are more rounded (corners) as we’ve seen in the leaked beta builds of Samsung’s edition of Android Pie. A new cross-fade feature, which adds a cross-fade effect between songs is also new in this release.

The latest Samsung Music v16.2.14.14 is live on Galaxy App Store for all supported devices. While it’s is not yet available on Google Play Store. We think it’d take a while to reach the Play Store.


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