Samsung Pay Expansion Planned With More Online Payments And Phones Support


Samsung Pay which is initially rolled with support on its flagship devices. In a report via Reuters, Company claims that they are planning to rollout Samsung Pay to mid level devices also.

samsung pay

As per the source, Samsung is also planning to increase the compatibility of Online Payments with Samsung Pay. Expanding the contactless payment system to more mobile devices is a no-brainer Рthe more people that can use it, the more Samsung earns in transaction fees.

Apple Pay and Google Pay is already in the game with huge followers, so it would be good to watch how Samsung come up from this market. Even, LG is coming with its own payment system, so may next year is going to be for online payment options.

Well, in the western markets it is going to be difficult but in east side, users and retailers can opt more for Samsung Pay rather than Google and Apple Pay options.

Let’s wit and watch what’s going to happen in 2016!

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