Despite the advanced biometric authentication methods that facilitates cosy unlocking of the smartphones. There ought to be some folks who’d still prefer antiquated, but highly secure than any of the current biometric security – Pin or Passwords to lock their devices. At the same time too risky as there’s a greater probability to forget the set Pin/Passwords. It seems, Samsung is in workhouse to solve the forgetting issue to an extent. Since a patent application filed by the firm reveals a smart way to recover the password by scanning the palm of owner.

Sounds interesting isn’t it? Well, let us look how Samsung achieves it. According to the patent document, the global smartphone leader will be making use of rear camera of the smartphones for scanning your palm. If you hit the forgot password option, the rear camera will take a picture of your palm and check whether it’s of the right users or not. If found matching to that of already assigned palm, the device will provide you with the password hint.

Obviously, it ought to be unsecure no matter how unique your palm lines are. But, the beauty here is, the hint will be provided in a jumbled manner on your palm lines, rather than displaying it plainly on display. Such that, only the owner could perceive it easily and correctly.

By the way, the new palm recognition idea is handy and quite intuitive. But, whether it’ll make into the consumer’s hand is as usual a big question mark. Nevertheless, an advanced 3D facial recognition system from the Samsung warehouse is on the horizon, is what we can tell now. Most probably, the upcoming Galaxy S9/S9+ could boast one.



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