Samsung has been quietly working on its next wearable device which is neither going to be a traditional smartwatch nor exactly a Fitness band. Instead, the new wearable from the company would be a hybrid between a smartwatch and fitness band. As we all know, Samsung likes to innovate and experiment new things and the upcoming wearable device is no exception.

Samsung’s plan to release a hybrid smartwatch was leaked when the company sent emails to SmartLab Plus program members seeking their ideas to promote its next smartwatch. The upcoming wearable device called Gear Sport was recently listed at FCC (Federal Communications Commission).

The FCC filing from Samsung shows off the new device which closely resembles Samsung’s series of Gear smartwatches. It could be a hybrid between Samsung’s Gear S3 and Gear Fit 2 that aims to serve the purpose of both a smartwatch and fitness band.

As of now, only a limited information is available about Samsung’s next wearable that comes with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi support. If you are the one who gets confused choosing between a smartwatch and fitness tracker, just wait for Samsung’s next announcement that could take place at IFA 2017.

Source: FCC via Phandroid


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