a6 processor

a6 processor

According to the South Korean daily Samsung has reportedly increased prices of its processors  by 20% for Apple.  As according to WSJ first Apple didn’t accepted this price hike but later after no choice they became ready for price hike. This price hike will effect mainly iPhone and iPad.

According to a report Apple purchased over 200 million processors from Samsung this year, and if it can maintain its past and current device sales growth trends, the volumes it requires will only increase. All of Apple’s application processors for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch are made by Samsung. The company produces the chips at its fabrication plant in Austin, Tex.

Apple is also finding alternatives, they are talking to Taiwan-based TSMC and Kinsus Interconnect Technology Corporation for future processor needs. But theses are not approved yet. So guys what you think is this price hike needed or not?

Via: Marketwatch


  1. too right samsung need to make back what they lost in court to apple and why should there own clients suffer much better for samsung to make apple customers suffer.
    It may make them more reluctant to sue any body when they are patent trolling in future


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