Every company or organisation makes a resolution of a year, decade and on that basis they roll out a roadmap. Similar is the case with the Korean giant, Samsung, they have unveiled a roadmap at its annual Foundry Forum in the US. They are going to take on the processor’s manufacturing to a new level by introducing the new 7 nm low power, 5 nm Low Power and 3nm Gate All Around Early/Plus process.


As per the sources, Samsung will start production of the 7nm LPP process during the second half of this year. For general public, they are expected to mass produce the chips based on 7nm by the first half of 2019. Smasung is going to use EUV lithography solution while working on the 7nm LPP process.

Samsung’s competitor TSMC is also have similar plans for 7 nm+ node manufacturing by the first ha;f of next year.

Well, from these details we can guess the next year’s Snapdragon 855 structure. It is already being rumored that Samsung will manufacture the chip and will debut it in galaxy S10.

Talking about the more complex yet efficient chips, the 5nm and the 3nm, then you will be seeing them in the year 2020 and 2022. The 5 nm  LPE will be ultra low-power consumption chip. There’s is also going to be a 4nm low power princess with FinFET process.

The last but most powerful and efficient is the 3nm node which will use Samsung’s own next-generation GAA architecture. It’s production is going to start in 2022.

Well, these things seems quite interesting. Now let’s see what happens in the near future.


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