Samsung rolling out Update on its Gallery app to hide third party folders


Today, security is one of the most important thing what users need. Security of sensitive data over the smartphones is very important. Samsung has been working on this track to provide options to secure the sensitive information. Samsung in its recent devices has been providing variety of methods to save sensitive data.

Samsung Gallery app update

Features like secure folder, is one great option to secure your data. But the new option by Samsung is different. Samsung’s motive is a clutter free approach. Though this new feature by Samsung does not include any password authentication.

For this Samsung has rolled out a new update for it’s gallery app. With this new update users can hide entire albums over their gallery app.

What you need to do here is, just click the three dots on the top. There you need to select the Hide Albums option. But remember you need to update your device before you go ahead. Then next thing is you need to select the album you need to hide or albums.

But users the most important thing is to remember is that the folders or albums which you can hide can be only third party ones like Instagram or twitter. Now when you want to access the files again you need to follow the same method.

Well, the update is rolling out and can be downloaded from the Play store or Galaxy apps. Any views regarding it can be shared in the below comment box.



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