When we plugged in our unlocked Samsung Galaxy S II to the PC this morning, an update to the KIES software was available to download. After installing the refresh, we were notified of the existence of a software update for the phone itself. It is described as an update that will improve the performance of the phone but for version number connaisseurs it is PDA:KI3 / PHONE:KI3 / CSC:KI3 (XEO). After updating the Samsung Galaxy S II now runs Google’s Android Gingerbread 2.3.5 (instead of 2.3.4) and the ROM appears to be the same KI3 which was recently leaked. Among the changes you’ll also see that TouchWiz Android was updated in order to respect Apple copyrights regarding the scrolling. Before the update, when you were in Settings and scrolled (or any other list), reaching the top or the bottom of the list would bounce the list a little. Now the item on the top or bottom is highlighted in color when reaching the end of the list.


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