Samsung says they are not doing well in the Tablet Market

A Samsung Executive has admitted that the company is not doing very well in the tablet market. Hankil Yoon added that Samsung’s strategy has been to bring out as many devices as they can, hoping to capture a large crowd by offering different sizes and features with each device. They say this not only allows them to target as many people as they can, but it allows them to compete with themselves in order to spur innovation and continue to develop new devices which push the envelope.

Yoon believes that one of the main reasons why the Galaxy Note succeeded is the S-Pen stylus. Thanks to this accessory, users can create their own content, not consume it like they do on other tablets. Samsung did something different, and also proved Steve Jobs wrong. Apple’s former CEO stated that if a touchscreen device has a stylus, then it’s a crappy touchscreen device.

Consumers simply have to adjust to a larger screen size, added Yoon.

Now Samsung has launched a 10.1-inch Galaxy Note that also has a S-Pen stylus. It will become available in the second quarter of 2012 in several markets, and the worldwide rollout will be completed in Q3
Let’s see if they can pick up some steam in 2012 with their aggressive marketing of the new Galaxy Note series.


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