Samsung SCH-I815 Hits Bluetooth SIG, possible 7″ Verizon Tablet

This mystery device just hit and cleared its Bluetooth certification but we know nothing about it. Some are thinking it may in fact be a 7″ tablet headed to Verizon although the picture below says “phone” a few times. The model number SCH-I800 was used for the original Galaxy Tab 7″ on Verizon so this new device with a SCH-I815 model number could very well be the replacement for the original tab.

Have any guesses as to what this might be? We do. First off a replacement for the original 7″ Tab is to be expected although we’ve heard nothing of such device. Yesterday a Galaxy Tab “Plus” was spotted with a T-Mobile branding so this could very well be a similar device for Big Red.
Could the Galaxy Tab 7.7 that was announced at IFA and then quickly went missing be headed to the U.S. market soon? I sure hope so although carrier branded and priced tablets still are a bit expensive if you ask me. Our hands-on with the Tab 7.7 was a pleasant one and the ports seem to line up with what we saw leaked for T-Mobile yesterday that was linked to above.
The other thing to take into account is the Bluetooth SIG mentions Samsung “Phone” so that might throw a few people off, although that could also just be because the tablet will have 3G/4G inside since it seems to be headed for Verizon. A full-sized look at the picture can be found below. We should be hearing more about the possibility of the Galaxy Tab 7.7 soon.
samsung-sch-i815-bluetooth [via Droid-Life]


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