KOREAN HARDWARE GIANT Samsung has released a video showing what could be a device of the future, a transparent and flexible tablet.
Samsung is keen to whet our technology appetites with a short video touting an amazing looking device capable of what seems like anything. Of course, this isn’t a gadget we’re likely to see any time soon but it’s good fun to see what might become a reality someday.
The video shows a user walking around the streets comfortably using a flexible and see through tablet that appears to able to increase in size, as well. We’re shown the device performing various tasks including video calling and even displaying some holograms.
Somehow the wafer thin display has a camera and a microphone built in and can even display images on both sides at the same time. The technology used is an AMOLED display, as are in Samsung’s products such as the Galaxy S II smartphone.
The company has been working on transparent screens like the ones we reported about earlier this year. We also saw something similar from Nokia recently called the Kinetic, which uses bending for navigation.
Of course we’re hoping that this device or one like it will tip up sooner rather than later so we can get it in for review. µ


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