Samsung Sold 4.5 Million Units of Galaxy Note 4


Third party sources has accounted the sales of the Galaxy Note 4. As according to the report, Samsung has sold more than 4.5 Million Galaxy Note 4 units which is 500 thousand units less than the Note 3 in the same span of time. This is gonna be for the first time that the sales of the Note phablet has declined in comparison to its  last year since the launch of Note 1.


When the Note 1 was launched the sales were quite good and next Year Note 2 went as a massive success and it went our of stock in some countries. But now the condition is that Note 4 has declined a little bit due to massive competition from other giants. Still, it is quite good mark for the Samsung to achieve these many sales in just a month.

Currently the figures are not official and even in some regions the Galaxy Note 4 has not even reached. So we have to wait for official report to calculate something and come up with some detailed analysis.

So how many of you have bought the Note 4? and how many are waiting for the availability ? Share your views via the comment system below.


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