The Samsung SCH-i405 better known as Verizon’s 4G LTE rocking Samsung Stratosphere, passed through the FCC today with what obviously are 4G LTE bands on board.

I personally welcome 4G LTE phones in the mid-range price offering and it appears Verizon has more than a few planned. Between the Stratosphere and the Pantech Breakout they are off to a good start. Seeing the Samsung Stratosphere finally clear the FCC makes us believe we will be seeing this device hit the streets rather soon, but we can’t be for sure.
A recently leaked roadmap marks the Stratosphere down for a September 8th release along with the DROID Bionic but chances are this mid-range LTE phone is still a few weeks away. The Stratosphere is basically a Samsung Epic 4G with Verizon 4G LTE, with similar specs to a Galaxy S device and not a SGSII.
More options are always welcome, and a 4G LTE slider should make a few people happy, stay tuned for more details.
[via FCC]


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