Ericsson yesterday sued Samsung over refusal to renew FRAND patents in Texas. Earlier Samsung signed licensing agreements for 2001 and 2007 for the use of Ericsson patents, but the latter has expired, and after two years of negotiations between the “most senior management of both companies,” Ericsson Sued Samsung.

As a result, “Samsung has sold hundreds of millions of unlicensed cellular handsets, smartphones, tablet computers, and televisions since the expiration of its license, including its flagship Galaxy S III smartphone,” according to Ericsson. The suit points to 11 patents.

“Samsung will now have to argue that Ericsson’s demands, which were presumably not nearly as outrageous as what Samsung wanted Apple to pay, were outside the FRAND ballpark,” Ericsson said.

SO guys i’m sure this will help Apple indirectly. Swhat you think about it?


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