Samsung’s Galaxy A series counts for premium mid-range devices, which is set to see a new naming strategy in 2019. The South-Korean tech giant has filed for new trademarks at the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) with the names A10, A30, A50, A70 and A90. Moreover, Samsung has filed new trademarks with names Galaxy A30 and Galaxy A50 in South Korea as well. It indicates that the company is ready to retire the single-digit numbers and will be promoting the upcoming devices using double-digit numbers. The filing documents list all the devices with same description – “smartphones; mobile telephones; tablet computers”.

Samsung Galaxy A30

Samsung will certainly be using the new names as Galaxy A10, A30, A50, A70 and A90 for successor devices to present-day Galaxy A6, Galaxy A8, and more. These recent trademark filings hint that Samsung has plans to introduce at least five new Galaxy A devices in 2019. It is very likely that Galaxy A10 name would be assigned to the lower-end offering. While Galaxy A90 tag will be lined up for the most premium A series device.

With this naming strategy in place, it is highly anticipated that Samsung might be using a similar strategy for the flagship Galaxy S series. While Galaxy S10 launch is quite imminent, you may witness the upcoming Galaxy S series devices to be named Galaxy S20, S30 and so on.

While we can’t affirm such a future change at this point of time, but these new filing trademarks definitely add up to forecast of Samsung’s new naming strategy.


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