how to root new nexus 7

I didn’t realize this, but in Samsung’s AMOLED screens, they employed a little trickery when it came to pixel size. Apparently the human eye can distinguish the color green easier than most colors, so Samsung’s AMOLED screen actually made the green pixels smaller, and therefore cheaper to produce. Most people couldn’t even tell a difference, but there were some who supposedly could.
Well, Samsung is about to start manufacturing newer, better, Super AMOLED Plus screens, and they will be employing none of that eye-trickery in the new screens. They will, however, have 50% more sub-pixels than earlier generations of AMOLED, and will therefore produce sharper, better pictures. So far, the Galaxy S 2 line and the Infuse 4G are the only devices we know for sure will be showing off the new display tech, but it’s sure to be a sight to see. Better viewing angles, sharper images, and easier viewability outisde will likely make Samsung’s new screens the standard by which other screens are measured.


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