Samsung Turkey publishes latest updated Nougat Roadmap

Might be a final list, since the Nougat era is over. The Original Galaxy J5 and J7 wiped-out of Nougat treat.


What, Nougat Roadmap….? If not a Samsung user, you ought to feel a quite antiquated with the list, it’s quite natural. Since, the brand new Oreo is upon us and Nougat is all a past history. However, for the majority of Samsung users it’s still a big thing. Especially, for the vast number of folks who owns a J-series device. By the way, Samsung Turkey has now updated the Nougat roadmap on its website. So, Samsung users can check whether still their device has got a chance or not.

Samsung Turkey Nougat Roadmap dated 08/09/2017

The above list is actually for the Turkey users and the ETA of the update in their region. Moreover, it may slightly vary on differrent regions. But, the list sheds light to those eligible devices which Samsung has a plan to push the Nougat in coming months.

Anyway, majority of the high-end as well as mid-range devices from Samsung has already received the update. Such, as almost all S & A series devices launched on and after 2016 are blessed with Nougat 7.0 earlier. After all, the uncertainty is now regarding the low-level J-series and On-series by the firm.

Surprisingly, Samsung initiated the roll-out of Nougat for two of the J-series devices last week in certain regions. The J7(2016) being the first and then followed by J7 Prime. Courtesy to the Roadmap, J5 Prime could be the next in line-up to receive the update. The device had entered into the testing phase.

Two year Old budget-range Galaxy On 7 planned for a Nougat treat!!

Further, the Roadmap enlists J5(2016) as well as two year old On 7 planned for the update. Both of them are powered by outdated Snapdragon 410 SoC, which might be a complication for the update. Since, no devices boarding SD410 are updated to Nougat by any of the phone makers till now.

At the same time, to much agony for the 2015 iterations of J5 and J7 users. The both devices which were once included in the list, is no where to be seen now. Probably, the On 7 could be the next to be kicked-out if there is any further updation of the list.

For the time being, let us wait and see whether Samsung will be able to make its entry-level users joyous.


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