We’re not sure why Samsung has been a favorite target these days whether it be lawsuits or rumors. Previously there were reports that Samsung was interested in buying webOS, a rumor which was then squashed by Samsung’s CEO during IFA 2011. Then new rumors arose the seemed to suggest that it was not webOS that Samsung was interested in, but perhaps it was MeeGo.
Given how Nokia has decided to abandon MeeGo, and with rumors that Intel had no interest in developing MeeGo, the spotlight fell onto Samsung.
Considering how Samsung has Android, Bada and Windows Phone 7 to deal with, it just did not make sense for them to add another mobile platform to their lineup as it would be stretching them too thin to produce anything worthwhile. As it turns out perhaps that logic may be correct, as Samsung has stepped forward and said that they have no interest in purchasing MeeGo.
According to a Samsung representative, James Chung, “Meego is an open source project which can not be a target of acquisition.”


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