Samsung Working on $US103 Priced 8 Inch Tablet; Appears at Bluetooth SIG and Zauba


Samsung seems like working on new Galaxy Tab series as new leak have suggested 8 inch tablet in works. It is codenamed SM-T375S as per the leaked documents.

Samsung Galaxy Tab SM-375S

Well, from other important aspects, Samsung is looks like they are working on low end Galaxy Tab as it is priced for just $ US 103. We have got to know that it is going to be bundled with 8 inch display. It first appeared on the databases of Bluetooth SIG and Wi-Fi Alliance. Later, it appeared on India’s import export listener site, Zauba.

According to the listing on Zauba, the device was imported on December 7 for testing and evaluation purposes in India, and its screen size is mentioned as 8-inches. The price, at which it was imported, was 6792 INR (about $103). It is not going to be the retail price but we expect it as tablet for developing nations. Here’s the snippet from Zauba:


Currently, no more details are out. We will let you know about more modifications on the story.

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