Nearly a half annum is over since the official introduction of Android Oreo by Google at Google I/O 2017. Within this time frame most of the top-tier OEM’s have upgraded their plenty of devices to the feature-rich Oreo. But as usual Samsung, the global smartphone leader is terribly lagging in the department this year also. Nevertheless, here we’ve obtained estimated time of arrival of Android Oreo on certain Samsung devices pending for receiving the major one.

As per the Guncelmiyiz, a subsidiary website of Samsung Turkey designed to announce software update specific matters: Galaxy Note 8, as it ought to be is the next in line to receive the Samsung Experience 9.0 based on Android Oreo 8.0. The major update is due to hit the powerful phablet in this month of March. We’ve also seen some signs of the imminent update, such as the firmware passing the SafetyNet check by Google a day ago.

Moving onto the older Samsung flagships and 2017 A-Series devices, it seems the Oreo wont start hitting them until the fall of April. The Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge are scheduled to get it on around April. Whereas, the 2017 iteration of A-Series device users need to wait all the way till May this year. Same goes to Galaxy Tab S3, the only flagship tablet listed on the website.

Although considerably late such that the initial developer preview of the next major Android version P is now even released, it’s good to know that Samsung is generous in seeding two major update for its 2017 mid-rangers.

        Devices  Android Oreo ETA
Galaxy Note 8March 30
Galaxy S7

Galaxy S7 Edge

April 13
Galaxy Tab S3 9.7

Galaxy A7 2017

Galaxy A5 2017

Galaxy A3 2017

May 25

As you can see, only ETA’s for the aforementioned devices are provided on the website. However, since the Samsung software team is working diligently to extend the update for more devices, we can expect the officials to update the page in coming months incorporting new devices with their respective time of arrivals. Moreover, it’s to be noted that the actual arrival date of update may vary with the countries.


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