Last week at the Samsung Developer Conference 2018 in San Fransisco, the South Korean tech giant unveiled the most anticipated product in recent years – a working foldable phone prototype. The final product which is rumoured to be called Galaxy F will debut in March for around $1,770 according to industry insiders.

This upcoming foldable phone by Samsung will feature the company’s ‘Infinity Flex AMOLED display’. The phone will sport two displays, a smaller 4.58-inches HD(840 x 1960 pixels) cover display on the outside and a bigger 7.3-inches QXGA+(1536 x 2152 pixels) main display inside. As for screen ratio, the cover display will be of 21:9, whereas the main display will be of 4.2:3. The phone will be shipping with Samsung’s new One UI to make use of this foldable design.

According to insiders, Samsung will be showcasing this foldable phone once again at MWC(Mobile World Congress) 2018 in February along with the launch of Galaxy S10(non-5G version). However, the official release of the so-called Galaxy F will be in March alongside the 5G Galaxy S10. As for pricing, the upcoming Samsung foldable phone will retail for around 2 million Korean Won which is approximately $1,770.

The Samsung foldable phone is definitely not for the masses because of its high price and general usability. However, it is still expected to ship at least 1 million units or more if the demand is high in the first half of 2019.


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