Ever wondered what’s the logic behind various Samsung Galaxy models? While we still don’t have the complete answer — like where Galaxy Ace and Mini fit into the scheme picture above — we do start to get the idea behind the Korean giant’s thinking (at least for the new phones).
As you can see for yourself, the S devices will keep their top-of-the-line status and will be followed by smartphones wearing R, W, M and Y marks:

  • R – stands for Premium devices that are “Royal” and “Refined” like the Galaxy R
  • W – is for high-tier “Wonder” phones
  • M – “Magical” mid-tier devices which deliver solid value for the money, and
  • Y – for entry-level phones catered toward young users

And that’s not all. Some of the models will also get additional indicators, like:

  • Plus – for bumped up specs like the Galaxy S Plus, and
  • Pro – for QWERTY phones

Finally, carriers on their end will keep their own naming schemes, further complicating the situation…
[Via: Unwired View]


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