LTE speeds are fantastic. So is LTE power drain, in a purely technical sense of the word. Verizon’s LTE version of the Galaxy Nexus is already a hair bigger than its HSPA+ brother to accommodate a slightly larger 1850mAh battery, or at least it will be, if the company ever deems the phone fit for release to us mere mortals. But Samsung aims to extends its battery life even further with a plus-sized 2100mAh battery and a slightly larger cover.

Samsung has already shown an extended battery for the HSPA+ version of the Galaxy Nexus, which gets included with the hardware in its home country of South Korea. The two extended batteries aren’t identical, but they’re very similar. The snapshot above was taken by a customer who purchased the extended battery at a Verizon store or reseller. The price is $49.99, which might not justify a couple of hours of extra runtime, but would be a decent upgrade if you were planning to get multiple batteries anyway. Galaxy Nexus to DROID RAZR: “Stick that in your MicroUSB port and smoke it.”
The 250mAh boost doesn’t hold a candle to the 2750 mAh extended battery for the HTC Rezound, which appears to be designed with a natural disaster in mind. Once the battery finally runs down, you can use the extra bulk for shelter. And no, there’s still no confirmation from Verizon on any sort of date for the phone itself, because they hate you and don’t want your money.


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