Samsung’s Galaxy S6 Edge Will Be Launched Today With Limited Supply


According to the statement of Samsung’s mobile head J.K shin, limited supply of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge on launch could frustrate the sale. That was a kind of warning from company’s mobile head for users who was eagerly waiting for the disclosing of the device. Shin revealed the reason behind that, according to him, due to device’s unique curve display, it’s production yield was very bounded. So may be company will not be able to supply according to the demand.


Although company is working very intensely to sort the problem but it will take a while to resolve ‘supply’ problem .Reviews of Galaxy Edge S6 and regular S6 was great and idea of curve display was praised by so many people. This flagship is meant to be the fulfiller of disappointments of S5, as we all know S5 was not up to expectations of people and also it received huge criticism. Failure of S5 and due to other competitive landscape like Apple’s iPhone, had definitely damaged the well built reputation of the company in every aspect.

Large sales of Galaxy S6 will solve company’s financial issues and help in other businesses, as the sale will be held world widely with home-grown Exynos chips inside. As we know, every device of the company has unveiled with new Samsung chip inside as company has gone for Qualcomm Snapdragon processors over Exynos so that they can build a status in North American market. By doing this company has spent its semi-conductor division millions upon millions of chip sales.

In this way, Samsung will end their so called trend, as they are kaunching their flagship in 20 countires on April 10.  So if you have not pre-ordered it yet, then you can do it now.
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