Samsung Galaxy S9 would be the next big thing scheduled to be introduced in early 2018. There is a considerable time left in the release of the upcoming device. However, a series of rumors have started popping up. The most recent one suggests that, South-Korean giant has filed a patent in its home country to place the fingerprint scanner at the bottom edge of the screen.

While both Galaxy S8 and Note 8 devices released this year, bear a rear-mounted fingerprint scanner. Which was largely criticized for its inconvenient positioning. It seems that Samsung has learned from the mistake and is working on placement of fingerprint scanner at the front on its next flagship.

The patent was originally applied for in 2016, however, Samsung preferred a rear mounted fingerprint scanner on both flagships released this year. It will be interesting to see whether Samsung will retain the rear fingerprint scanner or a design overhaul to place fingerprint scanner at the front in the upcoming flagship.

The patented image as shown above indicates a design with round cut at the bottom edge of the screen. This positioning of fingerprint sensor at the front could be the best idea without need of thick bezels, closely resembling Apple and Essential PH-1 design statement on the top side.

However, it remains to be seen with time whether Samsung adopts front-facing fingerprint sensor or sticks to the current placement at the back with more convenient positioning.



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