Samsung’s “true octa core” Processor Under Development


As we know Exynos 5 Octa Chip is an eight core capable processor chip but it uses ARM’s big.LITTLE architecture pairing 4 energy-efficient Cortex A7 cores and four extremely powerful Cortex A15 cores in a single setup but physically it’s not the true octa core processor. Recently MediaTek announced the real octa core processor and given Samsung a note that they are not alone in the market.


So now according to Sammobile, Samsung Fanboys site, Samsung is developing a “true octa core” processor. Which means that it will have a chip capable of running eight core processor simultaneously.

Samsung will also build this new Processor as that of mediatek – using big.LITTLE MP, where MP stands for multi-processing and allows both low and high-power cores to work at once but there will additional custom ARM cores.

For now we can say Best Of Luck To Samsung.

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