Sandisk Black Friday Deals: SD cards going for 44% off on Amazon grab now


Black Friday is here and so are the sales on the SD cards and other memory devices. There’s a huge discount from major manufacturers like Sandisk, Transcend and others on SD cards, Flash drives and other memory Modules. Right now we are going to list some of the SanDisk black friday deals on SD cards.

black friday amazon

There are lot many deals that are available on the web and here are the best for the SD cards. They have discounts on SSDS (Solid State Drives) flash and thumb drives and other devices too.

As a precap, you can own  32 GB SD card for as low as $9.45 which is 44% off than its usual price. Even the 64 GB cards are getting for $13.99 which is down from $24 giving 44% off. There’s even a big discount for the 128GB and 256GB memory cards also.

SanDisk also didn’t cheap out on its 256GB offering in the same high-end class which can presently be purchased for just $49.99, 41 percent down its regular $84.99 price.

Here are the major products that are availabel on discount.

Many other deals are there on the AMazon. You can have a look at discount that is being offered at Amazon UK. Even Google Play store is offering discount on major games, books, apps and movie titles.

You can check full deals at our Black Friday Portal.


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